Rights on becoming 17 years old

Reaching the age of 17 in the UK gives a few more legal rights on top of those granted at age 16. The most important milestone for many teenagers is the right to drive. A 17-year-old can take the driving test and, if successful, can drive any vehicle except:-

  • lorries
  • motorbikes over 125cc
  • buses, unless he/she is in the Armed Forces

A 17-year-old can also fly an aeroplane or helicopter; leave his/her foster home or other care arrangement; donate blood; write a consent for body donation to a medical school; and be interviewed by the police without his/her parents having to be there. However, 17 is still not old enough to be classed as an adult, apart from a few child protection situations in Scotland.

(Image: Carissa Rogers at Flickr.com / CC BY 2.0)

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