Rendlesham Forest UFOs

In late December 1980 there occurred the world’s best-documented UFO incident in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk. This was the site of the twin bases of RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters. Although British police attended the UFO landing site afterwards, we are reliant on the statements of US Air Force (USAF) personnel who were stationed there. The most senior of these was Lt Col Charles Halt:

As well as strange lights, there was an actual craft which had landed in the forest. This craft was triangular, made of something akin to black glass, with strange hieroglyphics on the side. One of the USAF men touched it and after a short while it rose slowly and disappeared. Some saw a craft on a subsequent night sending down pencil beams of light. Some of these seemed to be directed towards the nuclear weapons that were apparently being stored there.

These craft were tracked on radar and there were scorch marks and broken branches at the landing site. Nevertheless, there are those who dismiss the incident as a hoax. Nick Pope, who worked for the UK Ministry of Defence UFO section in the 1990s, gives his conclusions here.

(Image: Tim Marchant at / CC BY-SA 2.0)

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