Wedding anniversaries

Married couples celebrate once a year when the date of their wedding comes around. Unlike birthdays, friends and family are not generally expected to send a card or buy a gift for a wedding anniversary. However, a wife may be very upset if her husband forgets to buy her a card and personal present such as jewellery, chocolates or flowers! It is commonly held that women remember such anniversaries better than men, so a wife is sure to have at least a card ready to exchange with her beloved’s offering.

There are particular materials associated with certain anniversaries. These can be very helpful to a husband wondering what to buy for his wife….

  • 1st anniversary ~ paper
  • 2nd anniversary ~ cotton
  • 5th anniversary ~ wood
  • 10th anniversary ~ aluminium
  • 15th anniversary ~ crystal
  • 20th anniversary ~ china
  • 25th anniversary ~ silver
  • 30th anniversary ~ pearl
  • 35th anniversary ~ jade
  • 40th anniversary ~ ruby
  • 45th anniversary ~ sapphire
  • 50th anniversary ~ gold
  • 60th anniversary ~ diamond
  • 70th anniversary ~ platinum

The Queen’s office will send a congratulatory message on the occasion of a couple’s 60th, 65th, 70th, 71st, 72nd, etc. wedding anniversary, on application.

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