Tutankhamun’s tomb

British archaeologist, Howard Carter (1874-1939), born in London, discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in 1922. With financial support from Lord Carnarvon, Carter had been meticulously searching for five years. He had excavated only workers’ huts up to that point, but this led to the eventual unearthing of sixteen steps leading downwards…

Lord Carnarvon and his daughter hurried from England to be at the opening. They found that robbers had been there twice, many centuries before. Nevertheless, there were still masses of items, which took several months to catalogue. Carter described the scene as resembling “a gigantic game of spillikins”. The next door to be opened was to the actual burial chamber and it was there that they found Tutankhamun’s untouched mummy.

(Top image of replica mask: Bluesnap at pixabay.com)

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